How to Make your Office Move in London a Success

An office move is sometimes inevitable due to some reasons. The business has to move its office on a working day to reduce the downtime. Removals companies also give discounts which reduce the cost. During office removal, every minute counts, which makes it a lot tougher than house removal. Transitioning into a new environment can be made easy by keeping in mind some simple Tips.

Visit the location thoroughly before the move

When you have decided to move your office, the location and building you want to move into, the first thing is to decide. If your relocation is due to increased workload and your current office is not fulfilling your requirements, you have to look for a place which is much bigger than the old one.

Make a Floor Plan

While you are visiting the place you have finalized, it is better that you initialize a floor plan of your office. You can engage your office staff in the plan for suggestions and improvements. Give your trusted and valuable employees regard by giving them prominent position in the floor plan.

Make a list of heavy and delicate equipment

There would be a lot of equipment in the office which is very delicate and also heavy. You should make a list of things which should be moved with special care and tell your mover about them.

Choose a right company

There are a lot of companies which are giving office removals services in all areas of London. Choosing the right removals company is a difficult task especially when you don’t have time to waste. You can search for a company on the internet, or find a company via some removals companies’ directory.

Make a checklist

Making a checklist is very helpful even when you are moving with the help of a removal company. It will help in ensuring that you haven’t forgotten any thing

Empty the drawers and secure your documents

In an office, the business operations can be affected badly when even a single document is misplaced. Before the day of move, empty all your drawers and especially secure the documents properly. You can give your staff a box of their own to pack.

Ask for insurance

Ask the company for insurance and clarify up to what the company will cover the loss if any. Most of the companies have them in their removals package and don’t have to get it in separate. In case the company is not giving insurance, you should get the insurance policy of some company for your move.

Look for damage before making payment to company

When the removal company has completed the move and all the things are now at your new place, they will ask for the payment of their services. Before making the correctly, take a look at the and make sure that nothing is broken or damaged.

Office removal is easy when everyone has completed his part and nothing is ignored while moving.

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